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  • Dec.06.2020
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So you’re in the market for good butt plugs? This is the perfect article to read to find cool butt plugs that will bring your sex life to an elevated level. I will take you through a guide so you can find the best wearable butt plug of your dreams. First, let’s talk a little bit about butt plug usage and etiquette.

Make sure that you are relaxed and aroused before trying any anal play, especially if you’re new to it. If you haven’t checked out my blog about anal training, now might be a good time to see what that’s all about. Once you understand the basics of relaxation and lubrication for anal play, you can get started accessing this sensation packed part of yourself. Butt plugs are great for many reasons. You can use them to play, to work your way up to putting something bigger up there, or to leave in during other kinds of play, giving your whole pelvic region a sensation of fullness and arousal. Butt plugs can benefit anybody, but there are some specifically made for people with penises and or prostates, as well as some that can double for use as a clitoral stimulator.

best butt plugs

If you do choose to multipurpose a toy that you use in your butt, you absolutely must make sure that you sterilize it properly before use to prevent any disasters. Most anal toys are made of medical-grade silicone, which is a great material for a toy, but it means you can’t use silicone-based lubes with these toys or they will erode. Grab water-based or hybrid lube to make sure that your experience using a butt plug or any silicone toy is smooth and silky. Lube is really important for anal play because the anus does not provide its own lubricant.

Ok, so let’s take a look at some of today’s best-rated high-quality butt plugs!

Utimi Vibrating Anal Plugs

utimi vibrating anal plugs

This set of vibrating anal plugs is great for beginners because it has a range of sizes, and the vibrations are very helpful for relaxing the anus enough to allow for a very pleasant experience even if it’s your first time trying out a butt plug. These work well for any anus regardless of sex, but the vibrations also massage the prostate, so if you have one of those these small and mighty toys could really get you going.

b-Vibe is a company that sells a lot of sex toys, lubes, and condoms that are focused on the art of anal play. They sell a variety of buttplugs for all kinds of occasions and experience levels. Here are a few that are mostly for the more adventurous folks that I thought were worthy of note:

b-Vibe Remote Control Rechargeable Vibrating Rimming Butt Plug

b-vibe remote control

This butt plug is not only vibrating but has a special rotating bead motion in the base of the buttplug that is supposed to give you a similar feeling to rimming. Wow! Another wonderful feature of this butt plug is the remote control. Give the remote to a partner and it will keep you on your toes wondering when the vibrations will begin.

b-Vibe Triplet Rechargeable Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads

b-vibe triplet

This buttplug is a hybrid of your favorite anal play sensations. It is a buttplug with a structure similar to anal beads that will give you the pleasure that anal beads bring as well as intense vibrations. This butt plug is for more advanced players when you combine all of the features, but the shape of the plug allows even a less experienced person to try only inserting the first bead and getting gradually closer to the base.

b-Vibe Snug & Tug

b-vibe snug & tug

This butt plug is for those who own a penis and would like to take their butt plug experience to an irresistibly elevated level. The Snug and Tug is a two-part toy that is one part penis ring and one part buttplug. The penis ring, which helps with maintaining long and strong erections, is attached to the buttplug, making it the ultimate two in one. This could be the key to the most mind-blowing orgasm of your life.

best-rated high-quality butt plugs

I encourage you to do your own research on which buttplug would be best for you, but these options all have specific orgasmic features to look out for no matter what brand you choose. If you’re new to anal play, make sure to try inserting your fingers before you insert a buttplug, but there’s no harm in purchasing a toy to have on standby for whenever you’re ready. These toys really do the trick!

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