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best aphrodisiac

What is the best aphrodisiac? Have you ever wondered about the best herbal aphrodisiac, the best aphrodisiac foods, or just the best sexual aphrodisiac in general? Here are some natural aphrodisiacs that people around the world use to increase sexual appetite and pleasure!

Aphrodisiacs: Do They Really Work?

Since ancient times, people have used foods and supplements to increase sexual libido, desire, and fertility. While many have been scientifically tested and proven to be effective, many aphrodisiacs are culturally accepted without any scientific proof. This does not mean that these aphrodisiacs are necessarily ineffective. The placebo effect can work wonders in these scenarios. One of the most important aspects of taking an aphrodisiac is the confidence boost it brings. Sex is a psychologically stimulating affair after all. But while some aphrodisiacs like the horn of the white rhinoceros are not backed by science, many herbal supplements, tonics, and foods have been studied for their sexual effect and proven to increase blood flow, boost hormonal secretions, and tap into the sex center of the brain.

So What Is the Best Aphrodisiac?

There is a multitude of different kinds of aphrodisiacs that have been researched extensively. To find the best natural aphrodisiac we can look into herbs and essential oils. Another natural way of getting aphrodisiacs is through food. Your reaction to an aphrodisiac may also change depending on whether you have a male or female reproductive system. In this article, we will go through many different effective aphrodisiacs. However be sure to always discuss any new treatments with your doctor, especially if you have pre-existing conditions.

The Best Essential Oil Aphrodisiac

Cinnamon essential oil is praised for its aphrodisiac qualities. The spice is a known sexual stimulant. The warmth that cinnamon brings increased circulation and blood flow to sexual organs which helps to bring about peak arousal and sensation.


best aphrodisiac foods

This essential oil is known as the oil of sexual harmony. Its aroma brings about a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere and it is also helpful for blood circulation. Adding a few drops of ylang-ylang oil to a diffuser could help get you in the mood.

Best Herbal Aphrodisiac


best female aphrodisiac

Ginseng is a herb that has been studied and proven to increase sexual libido and help with reproductive health. It is a mild adaptogen that is ideal for balancing the body and mind when anything is out of alignment. Ginseng is often brewed in tea for consumption. As an effective herbal supplement for increased blood flow, it is best not to take if you have high blood pressure.

Horny Goat Weed

best aphrodisiac for women

Another herb that can be brewed into tea (or swallowed as a pill), horny goat weed is an ingredient in many herbal sexual enhancement supplements. It has been used by lovers to maximize libido, make an erection last longer, and generally promote blood flow.

Best Aphrodisiac Food


best natural aphrodisiac

What is the best aphrodisiac food? Some would say Chocolate! Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which can act as an energy promoter as well as a mood booster. This high energy and mood boost helps with libido. Additionally, giving chocolate as a present to your lover can increase oxytocin, pleasure, and love chemical in the brain.


what is the best aphrodisiac

Although some people think the romantic qualities of this shellfish are a myth, oysters are actually very high in zinc, a mineral that has an effect on libido so they are actually one of the best aphrodisiac foods for men and women. Zinc deficiency can cause problems with sexual desire, so it is a good idea to make sure that you have enough zinc in your diet. Oysters are also very sensual to consume, particularly when raw.

Best Aphrodisiac for women


best herbal aphrodisiac

Maca is a powder or supplement made from the bulbous root of the maca plant. While it is a known effective aphrodisiac for both male and female bodies, it is possibly the best female aphrodisiac. Maca helps to regulate healthy ovulation and has been studied for its tendency to increase the psychological ability to fantasize. Maca powder has a slightly bitter and caramel-like taste and is nicely blended into smoothies or stirred into oatmeal or parfaits.


best sexual aphrodisiac

Tribulus is a supplement that has shown substantial increases in sexual satisfaction, libido, and vaginal lubrication in women. Tribulus is most often taken in pill form.

Best Aphrodisiac for men


what is the best aphrodisiac food

This herbal supplement has been effectively proven to improve sperm health in men as well as act as a stress reliever. Many issues with the sexual reproductive system can either be caused or exacerbated by stress, so the stress relief component is highly useful. Ashwagandha has not been tested for safety in pregnant women so shouldn’t be taken if you are pregnant.

Chinese Mushrooms

best aphrodisiac foods for men-

Chinese mushrooms are typically ingested as a supplement rather than eaten as food. They have been shown to increase levels of testosterone in men of all ages. They also improve stamina and may stimulate the sexual pleasure center of the brain.

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