Anal Training: How to Stretch Your Anus

  • Nov.27.2020
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Have you ever been curious and wanting to try anal but don’t know how to prepare? Have you been concerned whether you know how to properly do anal? Maybe you’ve done it before and wondered if there was a way to make it a more smooth and sexy experience, or maybe you’ve been doing it for a while now and want to take your anal game a step further. If any of these scenarios sound like you, anal training could be a great next step.

how to stretch your anus

A surprise is not the way to go when it comes to anal. It really is not something you should decide to do for the first time without any preparation. Many people who have had bad experiences with anal sex and any kind of anal play have had these bad experiences because they did not properly warm-up or exercise their anus in order to have a pleasurable experience.

So what is anal training and what is the proper way to do anal training? Anal training is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, it’s basically learning how to train your ass to have objects inside of it for sexual purposes. Learning how to train for anal will enhance you and your lover’s experience and teach you how to handle anal. Anal training is the often very gradual process of inserting safe objects into your anus in order to get it prepared for the unique sensations of anal sex or to allow for stretching so that one might insert larger objects anally. It is also sometimes practiced in a BDSM setting, where a submissive might have their anus stretched or trained by a dominant partner if both partners have good communication about how far to go.

So here is your anal stretching guide! Think of this as a little anal sex for dummies course. First, let’s go over some important safety practices for anal sex. First off, make sure that you have communication and consent when trying out any anal play. Relaxation is of the utmost importance, so making it important that you and your lover are both comfortable and always having a good time will really help with ensuring your whole body is relaxed and prepared for anal. This is particularly important when we’re discussing anal sex for beginner experimenters.

Do not use any numbing agents in or on your anus, these will mix up your brain’s signals and you won’t be able to tell if you’re doing damage to your body. You should not be doing anything that causes extreme pain. Opt for lube instead of lidocaine or other numbing agents, proper lubrication is sometimes the difference between discomfort and ecstasy. Anuses do not lubricate themselves, so talk to your partner about discomfort and be sure that you make proper adjustments based on sensation. Silicone-based lubricants are good for anal sex but remember not to use silicone toys with this kind of lube because it could damage them. It is also good to get lube with vitamin E because it helps support tear healing and skin health. Sometimes tiny tears will occur with anal play if not enough lube is used.

anal training guide

Another important part of these anal training instructions is: do not insert anything into your anus that does not have a flared base. If you insert something too narrow or without a wider base into your anus, it could get stuck, and who wants to explain that to the emergency room doctor? Seriously!

Now back to the part about relaxation. It might sound strange, but anal training can help you find some inner peace. If you are stressed, your muscles will clench and you will have a hard time inserting anything into your rectum. There are two sphincters that require relaxing in order for you or anyone else to insert anything into your anus, the first task is relaxation of the external sphincter, your brain has control over this sphincter, and can make yourself relax it. The second sphincter, however, the internal one, can not be relaxed with brainpower, and this is where anal training comes into play. Anal training can help you figure out how to relax that internal sphincter, making anal penetration far more enjoyable. This is how to have anal sex the right way.

Now for the Basics in Anal Training Instructions

I need to stress that anal training is a quite slow and lengthy process. You can’t simply decide to train your anus in the span of a couple of hours. If you want to do it properly, anal training takes a certain amount of time. If you think of it like exercising, it makes sense. You need to have regular intervals of exercising your anus in order to see results, and it’s a pretty healthy and harmless practice. It can even improve your general anal and sexual health. It is encouraged to start this practice alone so you can get an idea of your tolerance and explore for yourself what’s going on up there. You can first start without inserting anything at all, but rather doing some repetitions of anal clenching, similar to Kegels.

This will strengthen your pelvic and small anal muscles which can really help you to control your sexual experience an orgasm when the time comes. Once we get to insertion, If it makes you feel better to try to have a bowel movement or to take a shower beforehand, go for it! Experts say that you shouldn’t need extensive douching or flushing out of the gastro-intestinal tract for anal play, as poop tends to stay higher up in the bowels before it’s ready to come out. If you eat a good diet and live a healthy lifestyle, this should generally be enough to keep your anus clean.

Next, we can work up to inserting a finger, starting with your pinky and working your way over to bigger fingers. You can do this a few times a week and measure your progress. Once you feel okay with your own digits, you can branch out to toys. For the first bit, the best anal stretching toys are ones that are not too bulbous, and which have that wide base that I mentioned before. Start with narrower toys until you can gradually get up to larger ones. In making these steps to going bigger, make sure to take deep breaths and find relaxation. If anything gives you pain, it means it may be time to stop for the day. Trust your body and listen to the signals it gives you. Go slow and be gentle with your anal training. Anal training is not a race, but rather a marathon.

how to train yourself for anal sex

There are toys you can buy that are some of the best anal trainers on the market. Anal beads are a great toy for anal training, because of the diameter and progression of size. Additionally, the fact that there are multiple beads allows for more exercise for the sphincters. These can help anyone from a beginner to an expert figure out how to stretch your anus. There are many toys that can help you with learning how to train yourself for anal sex. Make sure you choose one that is right for you and use a lubricant to help you get familiar with it.

Once you have used these methods to train yourself for anal sex, you will be able to fit a penis or a phallic sex toy quite easily into your anus. This will make your experience of anal sex far more pleasurable. For women, the anus contains a lot of pleasure hot spots and for men, it is the key to accessing the prostate, which is an intensely sensitive and erotic zone. It is possible to outright have an anal orgasm by stimulating these pleasure centers.

I hope that this article has been informative and helpful for you and has answered all of your anal training questions. Anal sex should be a pleasing experience, and everyone can improve their anus health and explore the pleasure-filled experience of hitting those pleasure centers in the anus. There is nothing harmful about anal training if you follow these guidelines. Listen to your body, do not continue if you’re in pain, use toys with a wide base and lots of lube, and communicate with your lover if you are uncomfortable or maybe need to switch positions. The other most important part of anal play is just having fun! If you allow yourself to be tranquil and have fun there is no telling how amazing your experience could be. Happy training!

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