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  • Feb.10.2021
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amazon sex position

Have you ever heard of the Amazon sex position? Does the idea of Amazonian sex intrigue you or turn you on? This is a position that requires two people, one with a penis (or strap on) and one with a vagina. The person on the top of the Amazon positioning is the one with the vagina.

The giving partner will lie down on their back and bring their knees up to their armpits or in a wide tabletop position. The Amazonian person and receiving person will then position themselves on top so that their knees are supported on the bed and their pelvis is aligned with their partner’s pelvis. The position is similar to cowgirl, the difference being that the underneath partner has legs bent towards their shoulders unlike in cowgirl, where the underneath person’s legs are straight out on the bed.

Why it’s Called the Amazon Position: Amazon Position Defined

The name Amazon Position comes from the idea of the female Warriors of the Amazon. They have been lauded as tall, strong, and powerful women in a society that has no reliance on men, and some people find that idea extremely sexy.

Whether you’re a man who wants to be dominated by an Amazonian goddess, you’re a woman or gender non-conforming individual who wants to feel that womanly power and energy from another dominating woman, or you’re a woman who wants to feel like a powerful Amazon as she dominates her partner, this position can be powerfully sexy for any and all involved.

Amazon Position Tips

amazon style sex

My advice for attempting the Amazon sex position is to get into it slowly and not rush or take on more than you can manage. This particular position is for those who want to do something a little more physically advanced in the bedroom and who feel that their leg strength and balance are in good shape. The reason that I advise using so much caution when getting into this position is that you can actually do some damage if something goes wrong.

You don’t want to spend your evening consoling and apologizing to your partner for injuring their penis. The fact of the matter is, this is one of the positions where it is possible to injure or even break someone’s penis if you hop on wrong. Not to worry though, you can totally manage to get there with no injuries as long as you take things slow and have good communication with your partner.

If you are doing great with the slow initiation of this position but tire after a while a good position to switch to for similar energy is the simpler but still powerful cowgirl position. To do this the partner on their back can simply extend their legs down and the partner on top can continue to rock and grind on their pelvis with their knees on either side of their partner for support.

Why do People Like the Amazon Position?

Some people like the Amazon position because in the Amazon position orgasm feels more controllable. This is the same reason a lot of vagina and vulva owners like to be on top. This way they can control the rhythm and motion and make that fit their needs as they like.

Other people are into the Amazon position because of the way that it redefines typical power dynamics and gender roles. It’s also just a great position to explore if you’re looking to get a bit more adventurous in the bedroom and try some more challenging positions.

Reverse Amazon Position

There is also the variation of the Amazon position that is the reverse Amazon position. This position is the same as the Amazon position, but the person on top faces away (towards their partner’s feet) for the experience. For the same reason that people like the reverse cowgirl position, people like the reverse Amazon position. It allows your partner to get a good view of your cute bum and it brings you a different angle and sensation.

If you like the idea of having sex like a powerful Amazonian goddess, or with a powerful Amazonian goddess, the Amazon position might be a perfect thing to try. As I mentioned earlier, be careful getting into this position and only do it if you trust your flexibility and strength. Go slowly and powerfully and you will have a mind-blowing time.

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