Learning All About Ben Wa Balls: What are Ben Wa Balls and How do People Use Them

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what are ben wa balls

All about Ben Wa Balls

You might have seen advertisements for ben wa balls or heard a friend raving about how great they are, but if you have never looked into them, you might not really understand what all the hype is about. What are ben wa balls? Ben wa balls and kegel balls are both small metal, plastic or glass balls that are inserted into the vagina either for sexual pleasure or to strengthen the pelvic floor (or both!).

Kegel Ball Definition

Kegel balls are essentially the same thing as ben wa balls, the only difference is that ben wa balls are more often used for sexual pleasure while kegel balls are mostly used for exercising the pelvic floor. While some kegel balls are made specifically for helping with pelvic floor exercises, they can certainly also be used for sexual pleasure if you can get sexual pleasure from them. Both ben wa balls and kegel balls are usually two balls attached to a string or without a string and kegel balls can come in a few different shapes and variations like egg shapes and multiple balls made of different materials. Both kegel balls and ben wa balls can be made of silicone, surgical steel or silver, crystal or glass.

Why Use Ben Wa Balls?

benefits of ben wa balls

Do ben wa balls actually make for a good pelvic floor strengthener or masturbation toy? Are they really worth all the hype? Let’s look at the answer to these questions one at a time. So for starters, do kegel balls make you tighter? Are the benefits of ben wa balls greater than the benefit of doing pelvic floor exercises or kegels alone? The evidence that supports that ben wa balls are better for strengthening your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles than regular kegels or focused, and specific abdominal muscle exercises is not substantial. However, many people swear by ben wa balls and kegel balls. The ben wa balls purpose is to help you take your pelvic floor muscles a bit farther, and they can be more of a reminder to do your exercises than not using them at all, hence making the strengthening process work better.

Do Kegel Balls Work? Are Ben Wa Balls Safe?

So we know the purpose of using ben wa balls, but some people are concerned about the safety of using them. Ben wa balls are entirely safe to use so long as you wash them correctly, insert them correctly, and don’t leave them in for more than about four hours at a time. Washing them is important to prevent any kind of bacterial infection or irritation. People who are pregnant or who just gave birth and are still in recovery should not use ben wa balls or kegel balls. If anyone ever sustains an injury from ben wa balls or kegel balls, it is usually because they are doing something more advanced than they are ready for or experimenting in a dangerous way. Some kegel balls or kegel accessories have weights attached, which can cause discomfort or soreness. You can also injure yourself or experience an issue if you use something that isn’t a ben wa ball for the same purpose. Buy ben wa balls or kegel balls that are specifically used for this purpose and made from medical grade materials for the safest bet.

Ben Wa Balls: How to Use

all about ben wa balls

Inserting ben wa balls is the first step to using them, and you’re going to want to make sure that you follow a few steps to have the best possible outcome. First, you will want to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water. If it’s your first time using your set of ben wa balls, you will probably want to give them a wash too, using hypoallergenic soap and warm water. To insert the balls, first, add a bit of water-based lubricant to them so that they will have an easy time going in, and it won’t be uncomfortable. You want to use water-based so that if you have silicone ben wa balls you don’t damage them with a silicone-based lube which would erode the materials. Once you have your ben wa balls lubed up, you will want to slowly insert the first one and see how it feels before inserting the second one. If your ben wa balls or kegel balls are attached by a string, you will want to tuck in the bit of string in between the two balls before inserting the second one and leave the last bit of string hanging from the second ball outside your body so that you can use it to retrieve the balls when you’re ready to take them out.

So now that you have your ben wa balls inserted, what are the kegel ball and ben wa balls instructions? Depending on the exact purpose you have for using the ben wa balls or kegel balls, now you might want to attempt a ben wa ball exercise, or simply go about your day knowing and feeling the ben wa balls inside you. For using kegel balls to do pelvic floor strengthening exercises or kegels, insert the balls and do a number of reps of kegels with the balls inserted. While some people think the balls make it more difficult to do the kegel, others say it focuses your attention on the sensation of your vaginal muscles squeezing around the balls, so it is helpful for understanding the sensation of doing kegels and remembering how to do them properly. If you want to use the kegel balls or ben wa balls as a way to stimulate pleasure, you can walk around and do normal day-to-day tasks with the balls inside you, or you could move them around with your finger or by changing positions and notice how they feel. For some, this is a majorly arousing moment, and it can really juice things up before heading to the bedroom. For others, it feels great to have the ben wa balls inserted while attention is paid elsewhere. This could mean touching your clit or having a partner give you oral while the ben wa balls are inserted, or maybe getting anally penetrated by a penis or dildo with the ben wa balls in your vagina. This second idea is great because the ben wa balls can push up against the wall of the vagina and make for a more intense and pleasureful sensation while anal sex is going down.

Can You Have Sex with Ben Wa Balls?

For most people who are just starting out using ben wa or kegel balls, insertion of a penis or dildo into the vagina while the balls are inside is not advised. It can be uncomfortable or painful and may cause medical problems or problems with the retrieval of the ben wa balls. Some people who are experts or who have been practicing using ben wa balls for a very long time may be more comfortable trying this or understanding their limits when it comes to having anything inserted at the same time as the ben wa balls. Just be cautious that this is a very advanced move, and you should certainly become comfortable with simply moving about your life with the ben wa balls inserted before trying anything more complicated.

How to Remove Ben Wa Balls

using kegel balls

Most ben wa balls, but certainly ben wa balls for beginners, will come with a string attached to both of the ben wa balls. The string will connect the first ball to the second ball and then often hang out of the vagina as a pulley for retrieving the balls when you want to take them out. If your ben wa balls do not come with a string or if you’ve accidentally tucked the string up farther than you can reach, you can simply insert your clean fingers into your vagina to gently and delicately remove the balls manually. As mentioned before, be absolutely sure to wash your hands before using them to retrieve the ben wa balls with your fingers. Once the ben wa balls are removed you can wash them with hypoallergenic soap and warm water, dry them with a fresh clean towel and store them somewhere to dry thoroughly and stay protected from bacteria or dust.

Can Men Use Ben Wa Balls?

To say it bluntly, no, most men can not use ben wa balls or kegel balls except some transgender men. It is important to be clear that ben wa balls are not meant to be put anywhere other than the vagina. They should not be inserted into the anus because this puts the user in danger of having them get lost or stuck too far up. A person of any gender can use anal beads for a similar effect and without any risk of having to go to the emergency room to get an object removed from the anal cavity. Anal beads are a set of beads that are much like ben wa balls, but they are all attached to a long string or stick, making it so that none of the beads or balls are able to get lost in the rectum. Strengthening the pelvic core is good for all kinds of sexual activities, including anal sex. You can do kegels with or without kegel balls or ben wa balls, and it can help strengthen your reproductive organs and your anal sphincter.

Doing Kegels is great for everyone, and whether you’re doing them with ben wa balls or just on your own, it’s an excellent way to enhance your sex life and physical health. I recommend ben wa balls or kegel balls for the bit of added pressure and sometimes pleasure that comes along with either exercising your pelvic floor muscles or just going about your day with ben wa balls inserted.

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