The History and Meaning of Abrosexuality – Am I Abrosexual as Well

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The term abrosexual is one that describes many people, but not many people actually know about the term and use it often. Abrosexuality is indicative of how nuanced and complex individual human beings are throughout their life spans, and how sometimes labels don’t really do us justice in the long run. That is why this catch-all label that takes fluidity and complexity into account is one that some people find to be a breath of fresh air. If you’re curious about this term and would like to know more about the abrosexual meaning, read this article. You might find that after understanding more about this sexuality, it feels fitting to use it for yourself or a person close to you. Of course, labels are meant to help us feel as though we are seen, heard, and understood in our community, but what if you hold multiple labels at once? Abrosexuality can allow you to do this.

Abrosexual Definition

To help define abrosexual, we need to look at the Greek roots of the term. The prefix, abro, comes from the ancient Greek word that roughly translates to “graceful” or “delicate,” which is meant to refer to how a person who is abrosexual has delicate and fluid sexuality. An abrosexual person is someone whose sexuality is very fluid and ever-changing. Some people who use this label might be intensely sexually attracted to people at one time in their life and then feel no attraction to the point where asexuality would be a fitting label for them at another point in their life. Their sexuality can also change in terms of who it is that they are attracted to, meaning that they could be really attracted to men or masculine people at one time and attracted to feminine people at another time or neither at all! This term really describes those who do not fit into one category for a long period of time and can often feel boxed in or frustrated with labels like gay, straight, bi, pan, or asexual because they don’t describe them all of the time. Abrosexual people are not all the same, just like people of all sexualities are not the same. Some abrosexual people’s sexuality can change in the span of a week and for others, it takes a lot more time like a few years.

What Is Abrosexual Meaning?

abrosexual meaning

What does it mean to be abrosexual? Being abrosexual can be difficult for some people because others want them to put a label on their sexuality that doesn’t feel right. Others might want an abrosexual person in their life to “choose a sexuality and stick with it” but the nature of abrosexuality is entirely against that concept. People change, and who they are attracted to changes too.

While many people don’t experience this kind of change, those who do are not alone in their experience. A lot of people would probably fit into the category of abrosexual if they knew it existed, or at least fall somewhere on the spectrum. Abrosexual people can sometimes find it difficult to be in a long-term relationship because of their varying amounts of attraction.

Because of this, some choose not to get into long-term monogamous relationships and others find polyamory to be a good path to follow. Some will stay in committed long-term relationships with an understanding that their amount of sexual or romantic attraction may waver with their partner, but if their connection is based on solid mutual understanding, this can work out.

Abrosexual vs Pansexual

Abrosexuality differs from pansexuality because while pansexual people are attracted to all genders and all people, this label doesn’t describe wavering attraction or romantic interest in people. Abrosexuality does describe fluid and ever-changing attraction to people of all genders, and it can sometimes mean attraction to no one at all.

Abrosexual Flag Color Meaning

abrosexual flag

While the origin of the colors of the flag and their meaning are unknown, the abrosexual flag surfaced on the popular social media platform Tumblr in the mid-2010s. Tumblr is a website known for expanding people’s understanding of sexuality, gender, and identity and is a big hub for much LGBTQ+ youths.

Am I Abrosexual?

If after reading this article you feel like you can relate to a lot of the descriptors of abrosexual people, you might very well be abrosexual. If you can relate to fluidity in your attraction, but you don’t have wavering levels of attraction in general, you can still use the term to describe yourself. If you’re always attracted to a specific gender, but your levels of attraction waver, you can also use the term. Again, labels are helpful in making us feel whole, understood, and not lost, so if you find one that works for you in that sense, use it!

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