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Who Are Your Sexual Gurus?

Our team consists only of very perevent guys and girls that spend their lives to know all about sex! Life is too short – come and have some orgasm! And we will provide you all the necessary information you gonna need.

About What Are We Writing?

Our blog is dedicated to the most interesting topics and the are the following ones:

  • Sexopedia: Say hello to your sexual life with your friendly-sexy neighbor team “My-Sex-StOry”! We will show you a path to the world of pleasure and joy. In this block, you will find read articles concerning definitions in sex, how to have an orgasm during love, etc.
  • Sex Advices: Do you want to know about widespread myths and facts about sex and sexual life? You know what do preoccupied one!
  • Fetishes: How to make sex most in the most satisfying way? What sex toys will make your sex perfect? Know more about people’s fetishes and lots more on this page.
  • Sex Positions: What position you should try during the next sexual acts? Read more on Sex Positions to add some extra feelings while you doing love with your partner!
  • LGBT+: What should you know about lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals to be up-to-date with our new world? LGBT+ is created to open your mind and eyes to different sexual things for all genders!
  • Sexual Health: Why does sex play a crucial role in our lives and why you should have sex regularly to stay in good shape? You will know both scientific and general facts information on this page!

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We have created a special block with a form you can apply to share with us your dilemma or important issue on which you are looking for an answer. We are open to your questions and do the best we can to help you.

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