All of the Hottest 50 Shades of Grey Sex Positions | Find Out How to Have 50 Shades Sex

  • May.14.2021
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fifty shades of grey positions

Have you ever been interested in trying out some of the 50 Shades of Grey sex positions? While some people only want to live vicariously through the characters in 50 Shades of Grey, others might actually be interested in getting sexual ideas from fifty shades of grey to try out with their partner. Although in the movie the 50 shades sex acts were from a fictional story, they’re still positions and sexual scenarios that could be and often are played out in real life. To get some ideas about how to spice up your sex life from fifty shades of grey might actually be a really fun adventure. Especially because you don’t have to live the lives of the characters, but you could have a steamy time role-playing the characters or taking on their roles for a brief and exhilarating romp in the sheets.

So what are some fifty shades of grey positions that can send you and your partner to a passionate place? If you want to have 50 shades of grey type of sex, try out one or more of these fifty shades of grey sex moves with your partner.


There are a few ways that Ana gets tied up by Christian in 50 Shades of Grey, and many of them can be easy to replicate with a tie or some rope instead of expensive accessories from the sex shop. One sexy position might be if one partner lies on their stomach on a bed with their hands tied over their head to the bed frame while the other partner penetrates them from behind. Another option that might require a bit more in the prop department could be using handcuffs. In 50 shades freed, Christian and Ana get into a position where Ana has her left ankle handcuffed to her left wrist and her right ankle handcuffed to her right wrist as she lays on her back looking up. From this position, Christian can penetrate and tease Ana all he wants.

Nipple Play

fifty shades of grey sex positions

In the story, Ana is extremely aroused by having her nipples touched, even to the point that getting her nipples stimulated a lot could lead her to orgasm. This might or might not happen easily for you and your partner, but the nipples are a great erogenous zone to get involved whether they can lead you to orgasm on their own or simply enhance the old-fashioned kind of orgasm.

Butt Plugs

fifty shades of grey sex moves

At first, Ana isn’t that interested in butt plugs, but eventually, she comes around. The sensation of having a butt plug in while getting vaginally penetrated is like no other. A lot of people with vaginas find butt plugs to be an absolute game-changer when it comes to experiencing super mind-blowing sex and amazing orgasms. Additionally, people with prostates can derive a ton of pleasure from a butt plug too, so it might be a good investment to get more than one.

Ice Cream Fun

One of the most memorable and fun fifty shades of grey techniques that don’t require whips or ropes or pain of any kind, the part that really adds some flavor to your sex life is a good helping of ice cream. As a treat for you and your partner, you could do exactly what Christian and Ana did and lick ice cream off of your partner’s body as a sensual way to get things going before or during sex.

Couch ties

One of the hottest fifty shades of grey sex positions was when Christian secured Ana’s legs open on a couch with ties on both of the arms of the couch that held each of her legs. If you want to recreate this with a partner use any kind of tie to secure one partner’s legs wide open on an armchair or couch and let the other partner kneel and perform oral sex to the tied-up partner’s liking.

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